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Hair Care Products

We offer various hair product lines for shipment around the world

Nexxux Phyto Organic
Hair  Product

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Hair Care Products International
Beauty Supply

Nexxus Phyto Organics Shampoo

Nexxus Shampoos

 Nexxus Hydruss Moisturizing Shampoo  Hydruss - moisturizing shampoo from Nexxus Phyto Organics



     5oz   Hydruss Shampoo     sorry no longer available
   10oz   Hydruss Shampoo     $ 9.98  
   33oz   Hydruss Shampoo     $24.98   with pump
128oz   Hydruss Shampoo     $59.95  

  Nexxus Pump     128oz    $5.54

 Nexxus INERGY Nutrient Shampoo


     5oz   Inergy Shampoo     sorry no longer available
   10oz   Inergy Shampoo     $ 9.98  
   33oz   Inergy Shampoo     $27.00   with pump


 Nexxus KELATE Purifying Shampoo


   5   oz   Kelate Purifying Shampoo      $  5.50 
1oz   Kelate Purifying Shampoo      $  9.98 
33.8 oz  Kelate Purifying Shampoo      $24.95 with pump

  Nexxus Pump    128oz    $5.54

Order your gallon pumps NOW,  they're too expensive to ship separately

 Nexxus SYNTRESS Volumizing Lift Shampoo


     5oz   Syntress Shampoo     $ sorry no longer available
   10oz   Syntress Shampoo     $ 9.98  
   33oz   Syntress Shampoo     sorry no longer available

 Nexxus THERATIN Extreme Moisturizing Shampoo

     5oz   Theratin Shampoo     $ 5.50   6.29
   10oz   Theratin Shampoo     $ 9.98   11.29
   33oz   Theratin Shampoo     $25.98   with pump 27.50



Nexxus Conditioners & TreatmentsBabassu Mud - revitalizing hair treatment -- Phyto Organics by Nexxus



Nexxus  Babassu Mud

      5oz   Babassu Mud - now called Babassu Bodifying Conditioner   $ 8.50    9.50
    10oz   Babassu Mud - now called Babassu Bodifying Conditioner   $ 16.00  17.00

    33oz   Babassu Mud - now called Babassu Bodifying Conditioner    sorry no longer available

 Nexxus  ENPHUSE

The ultimate reconstruction tool. This advanced hair therapy treatment adds softness, elasticity and shine to even the most severely damaged hair.


   5oz  Enphuse Reconstructor   sorry no longer available
10oz  Enphuse Reconstructor    $ 21.99 22.50


Nexxus  Humectin

Humectin: extreme moist conditioner

Like Humectress with a big upgrade!


  5 oz     Humectin Extreme Moisturizing Conditioner    $ 6.50  7.50
10oz     Humectin Extreme Moisturizing     $12.25  12.55
33oz     Humectin Extreme Moisturizing     $29.99  31.00

Nexxus  Hydride

Hydride: moisturizing conditioner


  5 oz     Hydride Moisturizing Conditioner    $ 6.50  7.50
10oz     Hydride Moisturizing     $12.25  12.55
33oz     Hydride Moisturizing     $29.99  31.00

Phyto Organics® Luxxtress® - leave in hair moisturizer (pump)

Luxxtress: fast absorbing luxurious, replenisher moisturizes, conditions and detangles hair


10oz     Luxxtress Leave-In Conditioner    $ 11.99  12.50
33oz     Luxxtress Leave-In Conditioner     $29.99  31.00


NECTARESS Nourishing Conditioner This sheer, light weight conditioner instantly detangles, restores and smoothes to eave hair shiny, healthy looking and full of body.

   5oz NECTARESS Nourishing Conditioner   $  5.99   6.50
10oz NECTARESS Nourishing Conditioner   $11.49 12.00 

33oz NECTARESS Nourishing Conditioner   $28.88 30.49

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Nexxus Phyto Organics SCULPTING PUTTY:


Sculpting Putty: Volume building, sculpting tool for complete style control without stickiness or flaking

  • Volume-building sculpting tool enables creative designs.
  • Maximum hold for complete styling control.
  • Adds body and sheen.
  • Ideal for spiking, scrunching and molding.
  • Formulated with Certified Organic Quinoa Protein and Bunga Raja Extract.
  • Alcohol free; color free.
RECOMMENDED USE Apply desired amount into palm. Rub hands together and distribute evenly into damp hair. Style as desired.


   5oz  Nexxus Phyto Organics Sculpting Putty   $   5.75  6.50


10oz  Nexxus Phyto Organics Sculpting Putty   $   10.49 11.23


33oz  Nexxus Phyto Organics Sculpting Putty   $   28.00 30.49


Nexxus Phyto Organics Curl Relax Smoothing Gel

Curl Relax Smoothing Gel: Styling tool to Relax, Straighten and Smooth hair without harsh chemicals or heavy oils.
  • Temporarily smoothes, straightens and relaxes naturally curly, wavy hair.
  • Seals the hair strand to eliminate frizz and resist humidity.
  • Allows the creation of sleek, controlled styles.
  • Leaves hair straight, silky and shiny.
  • Blended with Foti Extract, nurturing Chamomile and antioxidant vitamins to protect hair from environmental irritants.

Use as often as desired.
Squeeze into palm, then distribute generously and evenly into dry or damp hair.
Comb through to ends.
Blow dry hair with a brush while applying tension to the entire strand.
Continue until curl/wave is straightened.
Extremely curly hair may require an additional application.

May be used alone or mixed with other styling products depending on desired effect.
Apply on finished style to prevent frizz and resist humidity.
This may be applied to straight or curly hair.


5oz Nexxus Phyto Organics Curl Relax Smoothing Gel   $   12.50 13.26

redefining gel  Phyto Organics by Nexxus Nexxus Phyto Organics Emphasis Redefining Gel

Emphasis Redefining Gel: Flexible light weight styling tool for creating a wide range of shapes textures and designs.


sorry no longer available

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designing spray, supple hold  Phyto Organics by Nexxus

Nexxus Phyto Organics Supple Hold DESIGN SPRAY

Supple Hold DESIGN SPRAY: A light, fast drying, working spray that provides a natural hold and shine to all styles.


(sorry we can't ship this product by air)

 finishing spray - resillieent hold Phyto Organics by Nexxus

Nexxus Phyto Organics Resillient Hold FINISHING SPRAY

Resillient Hold FINISHING SPRAY: A fast drying mist that firmly holds and adds shine to finished styles

(this product does NOT have alcohol so we can ship it to you)

sorry no longer available